Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 7th

The first part he emphasises is the importance of the fundamentals. Fundamental are like the framework, the foundation of every persons house of learning. You can not build a strong, stable house without having your fundamentals together. This principle is found true any many places. Like the example he uses with Football. I play football and the first thing they teach you before anything is the fundamentals so you can build on those and move on to the more advance skills and techniques. And the same rules apply for learning and teaching in the classroom as well.

He talks about the brick walls as metaphors comparing them to the rejection people face when they are turned down. He says that these brick walls are there not to turn you away but to test how bad you want something. Everyone didn't get the dream the first time around but those who really wanted it kept knocking until that door finally opened.

He talks about handing over things you are so attached to. And these could be students who you've been teaching for years that you are really fond of, but aren't coming along like they should be. He believes that when you have to let these things go, that you make sure it's to someone who can take better care of them. I agree with this because as teachers we are very caring for our students, but we can't solve all their problems alone. Sometimes you do all you can and if that's not working than find someone who can do more for them.

The last part I wanted to mention is that he was saying how important it was to help people. Everyone needs help, even you. Kids are going to need your help teaching them, caring for them, and disciplining them. Other teacher are going to need your help on advice on how teach to teach a lesson or on some creative ways to teach it. Your going to need help when you run out of supplies and need to borrow from the teacher next door. Everyone helps each other. That's the power of a team because together everyone achieves more.


  1. The more people realize this, the better off we all are.

  2. I agree with the concept of working as a team. I liked your insight. Keep it up.