Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jan. 31st blogs

This video makes me laugh. I can't even believe this video is even real but i'm sure he's not the only one year old kid who can operate basic functions on an iphone. And what's even funnier is that i bet that he can operate it better than alot of older people, including my technological illiterate mother. This video proves that you don't have to be a genius to be able to use technology and that should make consumers and users feel more comfortable about using them.
But thats the beauty of technology. It can be used and understood by anybody regardles of age or gender or race. This kid isn't even in school yet but with the help of technology he is learning and building cognitive skills at the age of one! Learning things that people our age is learning and I think it will be beneficial to him in the long run.

When i was in 3rd grade, the only thing we probably did on the computer were some sort of learnig game and even that was probably once a week at the most. The "Little Kids. . Big Potential" by Ms. Cassidy's class seems like the best 3rd grade class in the world. It's hard to believe that these kids can do things that I don't know how to do and i'm over twice their age. I wish every 2nd grade student could enjoy what her class does but we all know how expensive technology is.
I think a great thing about using new technology is that it gives students something to look forward to in school. A student will actually be more eager to learn which will make teaching them easier. I wish high school classes got away from just doing the normal routine with learning from books because somethings can be learned more effectively through people's conversations and interactions with eachother.

First off i'm going to say these students did a very good job on the presentation. I'm very impressed. I'm a pretty Media Literate guy, but i know lots of people who would stuggle with what thse kids are doing. Learnning to evaluate and ask questions goes beyond just school but into the job and home life. I know i'm not ready to teach students like this yet, i'm a little behind on some technology but i would love to come to work if we got to do that in our classroom.
It makes me wonder what kind of students they will turn out to be in high school and college. Will these tools being implimented in them carry on through their academic careers because i think it will honestly.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jan 24th

Michael Wesch's "A Vision of Students Today" gives the viewers many different facts about how much time students spend during their day, how much money they spend on school related objects, and other various statistics. All center around how relevant is the learning we are receiving from teachers compared to the learning we are getting when we are in our everyday environments such as the internet, our cell phones, our jobs etc.
A lot of things the video stated i can testify to their truth. I don't buy a book unless i know I'm going to use it first. Most of the people I know spend a lot of time on the computer too. So if you think about it, i wonder how effective this system is because we deal with problems and situations that change daily. Yet we are taught strategies and material that has stayed the same, that solved problems of the past not of the future. Sitting in a classroom an listening to somebody summarize and explain a subject that you yourself will read, and memorize a lot more n your own. Classrooms should prepare you for much more than just memorizing. Because once we graduate and find jobs, how well we interact with others,communicate, and solve problems seem to be just as important.

My opinion on Kelly Hines "It's not about technology" is one of agreement but with a few alterations. I think that subjects being taught to students should be up to date matters. Things that are being studied, discovered, invented, and experimented with now should be focused on more. If our jobs are to prepare students for jobs then lets get them used to working. Not just with technology but with day to day problems and obstacles to.
To do this the teachers have to take on the responsibilities of teaching students until they are taught. This forces them to find the most effective ways inorder not to waste time and money. Because teachers should know about the things students are dealing with. It will help them better understand thier students, thus making them better teachers. That is what we will need if we want better students. I do think that technology should be a main focus though just because of the amount of time we spend dealing with it forces us to. Think about how often your parent sits infront of a computer or communicates with her coworkers on forming strategies at work.

Fisch's, "Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?" he feels that a teacher who isn't technologically literate is useless in today's world. And he really is. I still believe that with the amount o time and money we put into technology it is crucial that we understand it and also work to better it. The world we live is built on competition and we must equip our students to compete with the best. I'm pretty sure China is very familiar with technology and other countries too. That is who our kids are competing against.

Gary's Social Media Count is fascinating to me. The numbers showing the constant increase in web usage as we speak seems kind of scary to think of what the numbers will be like down the road. If you think about all that is generated from the web and how much its grown in the last decade,just imagine what it will like in the next ten years. Because it WILL continue to grow and change and that's a fact. So we better be ready for t as teachers.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jan 17th posts

The world is advancing faster than ever before and if your not keeping up with it you will wake up one day in a world that you don't recognize. In the Did you know video by Karl Wasch, he talks about how the world has changed and is continuing to in various aspects. From jobs to text messaging, companies are trying to keep up with large demands of the consumers. Basically, this means that we as future employers and employees will be plunged into this hectic progression rate so we must constantly be up on technological advances in order to keep up with competition.
I think that it is very important to be aware of the major changes that occur in the world market. For one reason, you need to know what's being improved. You need to know what opportunities are being created and what ones are being closed. With knowledge comes power, the power to control your future even more so than you could before. So understanding what jobs will be valued most, or how many people are using facebook and myspace can aid you in making future decisions.

The video "Mr. Winkle Wakes" by Matthew Needleman, is about a man waking up from a hundred year slumber into the 21st century modern age. It uses animation to show the school systems lack of usage of technology compared to other facilities. Mr. Winkle feels uncomfortable in the office at work, and in the hospital because of how heavily the use computers. But when he got to school near the end of the video he smiles after being in the classroom because it is still exactly how he remembers it. All lecturing and note taking with no technology being incorporated. He ends the video with a smile, glad that schools are still the same way he remembers it a hundred years ago.
Although the school Mr. Winkle went to didn't use any technology in their classroom, i would have to think that way of teaching is slowly but surly dieing out. In this past decade, i have experienced an increase in incorporating technology usage me teachers and classrooms. From computer classes teaching web design, to teachers writing math equations on smart boards. As technology improves and is assimilated into our daily world, schools have taken this into consideration and encouraged teachers and students to be familiar with them. Sorry Mr. Winkle, but i think you just picked the bad apple in the bunch.

After just listening to Ken Robinson's lecture on how school kills creativity, i want to point out the things i agree and disagree with. First off i do believe that the way the board of education is centralizing school teaching around test taking(especially in K-12) is strangling the creativity in children. And because of the unpredictability of the world we live in and the different obstacles that we face it would seem a child's creativity would come in handy more that their literacy skills. But literacy skills are just as important to me anyway so i don't think there's anything wrong with making sure kids on the right track in certain subjects. You just have to find that balance.
I always felt i was more creative than intelligent. Not that I'm dumb or anything, but that i was just that creative and innovative. But class never nurtured that really and since i realized that i wasn't ever going to be really using this creativity i kind of put it aside. And without the stimulation of my creativity i felt school became just a bore. So if we can find ways to nurture kids creativity better, maybe they would be more interested in going and staying in school.

"Harness your studnets' digital smarts" by Vicki Davis states that every student has the ability to learn. It's harder on them to when there's only paper and pencil though. In her classroom she tries to get her students to be comfortable with every form of technology. She encourages students to be thinkers and not rely no her to do or tell them all the answers. With the help of technology, her students are not only learning but putting what they're learning to use.
Watching this video, i will admit i was very jealous of her students. They seem to being doing things in their classrooms that I have never even seen before and i'm a sophmore in college. They're learning to interact with eachother and people over the world and i can gurantee that it will payoff for those students in the long-run. Only obstacle with getting more students and classrooms to incorporate technology is the cost and it's sad to because it could do wonders for kids.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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