Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jan. 31st blogs

This video makes me laugh. I can't even believe this video is even real but i'm sure he's not the only one year old kid who can operate basic functions on an iphone. And what's even funnier is that i bet that he can operate it better than alot of older people, including my technological illiterate mother. This video proves that you don't have to be a genius to be able to use technology and that should make consumers and users feel more comfortable about using them.
But thats the beauty of technology. It can be used and understood by anybody regardles of age or gender or race. This kid isn't even in school yet but with the help of technology he is learning and building cognitive skills at the age of one! Learning things that people our age is learning and I think it will be beneficial to him in the long run.

When i was in 3rd grade, the only thing we probably did on the computer were some sort of learnig game and even that was probably once a week at the most. The "Little Kids. . Big Potential" by Ms. Cassidy's class seems like the best 3rd grade class in the world. It's hard to believe that these kids can do things that I don't know how to do and i'm over twice their age. I wish every 2nd grade student could enjoy what her class does but we all know how expensive technology is.
I think a great thing about using new technology is that it gives students something to look forward to in school. A student will actually be more eager to learn which will make teaching them easier. I wish high school classes got away from just doing the normal routine with learning from books because somethings can be learned more effectively through people's conversations and interactions with eachother.

First off i'm going to say these students did a very good job on the presentation. I'm very impressed. I'm a pretty Media Literate guy, but i know lots of people who would stuggle with what thse kids are doing. Learnning to evaluate and ask questions goes beyond just school but into the job and home life. I know i'm not ready to teach students like this yet, i'm a little behind on some technology but i would love to come to work if we got to do that in our classroom.
It makes me wonder what kind of students they will turn out to be in high school and college. Will these tools being implimented in them carry on through their academic careers because i think it will honestly.


  1. Donte,

    You brought a good point about techonology being what you make of it. We can have computers and still make it just an electronic way to do busy work. We need to be more dynamic with how we use the technology in our classrooms.

  2. You are a week late with your blog posts, Do not get behind!