Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jan 24th

Michael Wesch's "A Vision of Students Today" gives the viewers many different facts about how much time students spend during their day, how much money they spend on school related objects, and other various statistics. All center around how relevant is the learning we are receiving from teachers compared to the learning we are getting when we are in our everyday environments such as the internet, our cell phones, our jobs etc.
A lot of things the video stated i can testify to their truth. I don't buy a book unless i know I'm going to use it first. Most of the people I know spend a lot of time on the computer too. So if you think about it, i wonder how effective this system is because we deal with problems and situations that change daily. Yet we are taught strategies and material that has stayed the same, that solved problems of the past not of the future. Sitting in a classroom an listening to somebody summarize and explain a subject that you yourself will read, and memorize a lot more n your own. Classrooms should prepare you for much more than just memorizing. Because once we graduate and find jobs, how well we interact with others,communicate, and solve problems seem to be just as important.

My opinion on Kelly Hines "It's not about technology" is one of agreement but with a few alterations. I think that subjects being taught to students should be up to date matters. Things that are being studied, discovered, invented, and experimented with now should be focused on more. If our jobs are to prepare students for jobs then lets get them used to working. Not just with technology but with day to day problems and obstacles to.
To do this the teachers have to take on the responsibilities of teaching students until they are taught. This forces them to find the most effective ways inorder not to waste time and money. Because teachers should know about the things students are dealing with. It will help them better understand thier students, thus making them better teachers. That is what we will need if we want better students. I do think that technology should be a main focus though just because of the amount of time we spend dealing with it forces us to. Think about how often your parent sits infront of a computer or communicates with her coworkers on forming strategies at work.

Fisch's, "Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?" he feels that a teacher who isn't technologically literate is useless in today's world. And he really is. I still believe that with the amount o time and money we put into technology it is crucial that we understand it and also work to better it. The world we live is built on competition and we must equip our students to compete with the best. I'm pretty sure China is very familiar with technology and other countries too. That is who our kids are competing against.

Gary's Social Media Count is fascinating to me. The numbers showing the constant increase in web usage as we speak seems kind of scary to think of what the numbers will be like down the road. If you think about all that is generated from the web and how much its grown in the last decade,just imagine what it will like in the next ten years. Because it WILL continue to grow and change and that's a fact. So we better be ready for t as teachers.


  1. I totally agree with you about Gary's Social Media Count! It is so crazy to think that 10 or 15 years ago those numbers were so small and they are going to continue to grow and grow! And of course, teachers need to be ready to teach a technological generation.