Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 25th

Everyone has different combinations and preferences for their social networks but they all revolve around the same job which is helping people learn and also teach others. This student uses her PLN similarly to mine by letting it be reviewed by peers to make sure her info is correct. She also uses it to teach others, like how she did with explaining the difference between being poisonous and having venom. I do the same thing when i use my social networks to explain how certain social networks work like twitter and blogging in my blogs.

The second video asked "what is my sentence?" and "I'm i better today than i was yesterday?". I think my sentence would be "He got his bachelors in physical education and taught thousands of kids how to become healthier people." With the second question i would have to say no. I have a bad habit with taking days off. Kind of one of my problems on the football field too.

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