Sunday, April 4, 2010

April 4th

Kaia's Blog, Dear Kaia, and Singing Hearts are all connected together by the story a young girl and her father's attempt to use technolgy to explore and learn about the world outside their house. But with the help of documenting it on the internet, their exploration has inspired teachers and classrooms all over the world.

Even thought she is only 3 years old what she is doing is a small version of what professional photographers do. Simple adventures outside become the foundation to a learning process that children carry with them into the schools and workplace. Asking questions, critically thinking about the answers, finding new ways to look at old things are all products produce by the curiousity of a persons mind.

What sticks out to me the most are two areas of these events. The first is how even at 3 years of age technolgy can greatky aid in a child's learning. The other is how technolgy is a great tool for children and parents to work together in stimulating their child's learing. With more interaction from parents, it will make a teachers job that much more lighter of a load.


  1. Great post Donte! I agree that it was amazing that such a little girl could know how to do all that. It would be great if all kids had some basis in technology at that age.

  2. Hey Donte, I just wanted to say great post. I think that all kids should be exposed to technology is some way or fashion.