Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feb 7th

Comments 4 Kids
I can't help to be excited to see kids doing such fun things in the classroom. I enjoy a classroom with smiling faces and i enjoy it even more if they were smiling about something education related. It brings a good, positive attitude to the room and makes is easier to interact and cooperate with them. A positive about doing hands-on activities like the kids were doing in the video is that you remember them better than you do things you read.

Langwitches Blog
It seems to me that the biggest positive of a podcast is that because computers are almost everywhere in our society it is extremely convienent for students and parents to access them, especially for the families that have their own computers at home. This could lead to easier ways for kids to practice and listen to lessons learned once they leave the classroom and their parents can also be present with them to help comprehend.

Of course there are poor families who can't afford personal computers and can only access podcast in libraries and schools. But i think that there can be ways to work around such obstacles in order to let every child benefit from technology and not just the privileged. I don't have much experience with Podcast and Vodcast but from what i've heard and seen they seem to be good, creative tools that are simple enough to use for even the earliest of learners.


  1. Donte,
    I like the way you stated that "I can't help to be excited to see kids doing such fun things in the classroom." I am a sixth grade teacher and I completely agree. When you walk into a classroom and see students smiling, having fun, and enjoying learning, it makes for a much easier and eventful day. Students get bored with the every day activities. I try to keep a creative mind while planning lessons with my students. I know that my school does not have computers in every classroom for each child, but we make the best of it!

  2. Hi Donte, I agree with your post on how convenient it is for parents and students to access podcasts at home. The parent can actually see and hear what the student is learning and be there to help. It is excellent reinforcement at home to what they are learning at school.