Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feb 14th

What I've learned this year
In his blog, Mr. McClung talks about tips he has learned over the years of being a teacher. Advice like making your lessons centered toward your audience not just curriculum. Being flexible even if it means going against something your accustomed to. Communicating about issues instead of repressing them. Remembering that you're teaching kids, not adults and try and think like they do because they think different than adults. Also to use technology and listen to your students like showing interests in their lives. And most importantly never stop learning because we work in a learning envoronment.

Using all these tips can definetly help make your early teaching experience less of a bumpy one. Some teachers don't pick up these things until later in their careers but learning them earlier will make you a better teacher and a more successful one too. My favorite piece of advice is telling upcoming teachers to remember students are kids not adults, so they think differently than teachers and you must take that into account when trying to reach them.


  1. I totally agree with you! I think that a lot of teachers fail to realize the fact that these kids are kids, and their mind set is TOTALLY different than adults.

  2. I agree the teacher can forget who they are teaching and should remember that kids think like kids. Teachers were once kids so they should think back to what they were thinking when they were that kid.