Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feb 21

I decided to blog on a couple of Dr. Alice Christie's points and how it could benefit me as a physical education teacher. I want to point a couple points that i agree with. First is the philosophy that teachers create such environments to facilitate learning and provide opportunities for self-reflection and self-evaluation. As the teacher it is ultimately your job to create a successful place of learning for your students. As a P.E. teacher, that could mean having activities organized and playing/teaching games to students that will emphasize teamwork, critical thinking, and good sportsmanship.

Another point is that she states learning is reflective and incorporates feedback from teachers (co-learners) and peers. This could mean to encourage communication for strategizing and such between students especially ones on the same team. Students learning to collaborate with eachother is an essential part of making learning more dynamic and flexible. These tools can be very beneficial to learners going into an ever-changing world.

My thoughts on the iTunes Universitiy are surprising very positive after visiting this websites article on them ( On figured students who listened to podcast lectures were just lazy students who didn't want to go to class, but the article stated that those students were receiving higher exam scores so it seems they are effective in some scenerios. As a student i would be willing to listen to podcast lectures because i miss parts of the lecture, trying listen and write at the same time while thinking about what's being said so i can put the pieces together on my own.

As a teacher it would probably make your job easier because you aren't having to repeat things to students as much or email individual students what they missed so much when a student misses classes, but rather just record everything you want them to know and have them all get itune acounts so they can obtain the lectures when needed. It also helps keep students who have to miss class for important reasons a way to stay with the class and not have so many students get behind in class because missing one day in college can hurt you., this link is on the usage of ipods in Duke University's classrooms since being implimented in 2004. Apparently it was the beginning move of the Universities attempt to incorporate more digital technology campus wide. From ipods to videos, audios, and online collaboration tools, Duke has noticed that the increase comfort level with digital devices has increased studying outside the classroom. The article states that in intends to continue to support a broad range of technology use.


  1. Donte,

    iTunes university is a great resource for learning. We have it now here at South and you will see more and more of our lectures and so on going up for students to use in the near future. I am excited about the possibilities and being able to access courses from my iPhone!

  2. Donte, I totally agree with everything you said about iTunes University! I think it would be awesome to be able to listen to lectures on my iPod. I have had an Ipod for years and have never even thought about it being capable of helping me in school! A lot of the points you made were the same things I said in my blog. For instance what you said about it being helpful for if you miss something during in class. I know I miss notes all the time because I try to get everything down but the teachers talk and move through material way too fast.